Cash Flow Loans

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is essential for all businesses, however this can prove difficult when your company’s conversion rate is poor and income isn’t coming in. However, there are various financial solutions that can assist your revenue, such as a cash flow loan; these are short-term funding solutions that offer quick finance and repayments that help to improve your business.

Unlike secured finances, which require assets for collateral, they are issued solely on the basis of your companies previous, present and future cash flow. Therefore, they’re a type of unsecured finance that is typically used by smaller businesses, however they can also cater for larger firms who are looking to utilise their loan in order to expand and advance their corporation in pursuit of making more profit.

Our experienced financial experts can quickly and efficiently secure a business loan for your company, ensuring that your businesses finance remains stable and therefore allowing you to make a substantial turnover. The first-class, reliable and high-quality service that we offer can secure any company a cash flow loan no matter its circumstances, and if we feel that you are not eligible, our experts will suggest more profitable funding options.

What is a Cash Flow Loan?

Cash Flow Loans work very much in the same way as a traditional banking overdraft or credit cards. Short term revolving credit line facilities with a term of up to 12 months, include monthly interest rates that range from between 1.1 up to 6 % per month. The flexibility of this type of facility means you can draw down funding quickly and as required within your agreed limit. It also means you only pay for what has been drawn down until you pay it back.

With this type of financing you are basically borrowing against money you are expecting to receive in the future. It will be approved based on your company’s projections and overall performance and is paid back with the incoming cash flows of your business.

Choosing a cash flow loan will be most beneficial for businesses who require an upfront investment which will result in an increase in profit and revenue. Ensuring you choose the most suitable and appropriate loan which matches the aims of your business is so important so doing some extensive research before deciding is highly recommended.


Advantages of Cash Flow Loans

Cash Flow Loans are an effective method that help increase the rate of revenue along with a multitude of other advantage. One benefit is that you can gain quick access to capital because funding can be arranged within as little as 2 hours of applying and for this reason, they are a great option for short term working capital requirements. However, our specialists will handle this transaction for you, ensuring you successfully obtain a profitable business loan.

No personal guarantees are required and you only pay for the amount you have borrowed, which will be within your agreed credit limit. In addition, cash flow loans are relatively flexible allowing you to access draw down funds instantly, and with these funds they often be used in tandem with other existing credit line facilities.

What you can use Cash Flow Loan for

This type of funding is best suited for companies that are hoping to get a quick sum of money in a short period of time. With a cash flow loan, you can expect to expand your business and advance in general working capital expenses, as well as incoming revenue, this especially during quieter periods where the company isn’t seeing a high conversion rate. Depending on the size of the loan and the lender, this can positively impact your businesses finance, from paying HMRC debt to dealing with payable accounts, the possibilities are truly endless.

In addition, if you have received any unexpected equipment costs, bills and invoices, a cash flow loan could be the perfect option for you. They are short-term funding solution that allows you to get your hands on a considerable amount of money instantly. As well as this, they can also help the development of your company. Whether you are looking to hire new members of staff to help increase revenue, or you perhaps you need some assistance when paying sizeable wages for existing employees, this type of financing can help facilitate capital for substantial payments.

Are you eligible for Cash Flow Loans?

Our expertise will help you quickly and efficiently arrange and secure a cash flow loan to maintain your companies finance. Therefore, if you feel that you are fully entitled and eligible to receive this type of financing, we will need to carry out some standard checks and have access to some information regarding your previous credit history in the form of bank statements. These credit checks are undertaken for any business enquiring for a loan and is a compulsory part of the onboarding process.

However, if we have assessed your financial circumstances and feel that it is not viable for your company, don’t worry, we will advise other funding options available for you so you can make a profitable decision. You must attain the general requirements in order to confirm your suitability. For more information about cash flow loans, we recommend getting in touch with our team of professionals who obtain a wealth of knowledge within the business funding industry. To receive a free quote, visit our website today and one of our team will get back to you.

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