Healthcare and Medical Business Loans

Businesses within the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical sectors can often require finance or capital due to factors outside of their control. Political, budget or policy factors, for example changes to payment terms on NHS contracts can bring a need for capital. At Elite Business Funding, we can assist with these funding options by offering tailored solutions which help to optimise cashflow and successfully fund the growth and evolution of your practice or business.

As increased demand puts pressure on public health services, private healthcare firms are expected to continue to expand and become a crucial economic player. With our professional expertise in helping businesses in your sector, we have a track record of providing healthcare businesses with the finance required to exceed.

What Can Healthcare and Medical Business Loans Be Used For?

The healthcare and medical industry business finance requirements can be very different to standard commercial finance in many ways, we have lenders with specific products for healthcare professionals and who offer very competitive rates to support their long-standing reputation of providing high-quality care.

Below is a list of uses of the Funding Solutions for Professional practices, Healthcare and Medical sector that we offer and have provided here at Elite Business Funding:

  • Funding for practice/partner buy outs
  • Cashflow finance for government contracts
  • Funding for expensive medical equipment or stock
  • Practice refurbishment
  • IT Infrastructure and systems
  • Expansion and purchasing a new practice

Why May Your Business Require a Healthcare or Medical Loan?

Healthcare and Medical Business Loans: With the rising demand for quality healthcare services, business owners within this industry face commercial pressure, from both internal and external sources. The healthcare sector is a hugely diverse. We can support funding for both medical and non-medical assets as well as offering solutions to help optimise your cashflow and the growth of your business. We have a range of finance options with flexible payment profiles and structures that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Businesses in the Healthcare or Medical Sector That We Have Financed

At Elite Business Funding, we have provided finance for a variety of sectors which include:

  • GP Practices and consultancies
  • Dental practices
  • Opticians and eye care specialists
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pharmacists
  • Nursing Homes
  • Private medical centres
  • Medical supply manufacturers and wholesalers

Choosing Elite Business Funding’s Funding Options

At Elite Business Funding, we can provide bespoke funding options for businesses within the healthcare and medical industry. Our experienced relationship manager with sector knowledge will work closely with you and your company to find the most suitable finance option to allow the businesses’ aspirations to be met.

If you require further information regarding the bespoke healthcare and medical business loans that are available contact Elite Business Funding now and speak to one of our advisors or submit your details into our contact form here.

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