In line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we require your consent to correspond with any other party. This includes forwarding sensitive documents and information regarding you and your business to third parties when making an application on your behalf. Details of the third parties will be disclosed to you upon request, otherwise you will be informed of the third party details once we have identified a suitable lender and prior to you entering into an agreement with them.

Our Data Retention Policy is available on request.
I, the undersigned, hereby give consent to Elite Business Funding Ltd (EBF) and any of their authorised representatives, to share the information/documents provided with any third party commercial finance providers in the means of sourcing finance for my company. I understand that the 3rd party commercial finance providers reviewing my application may need to pull business and non-business consumer credit reports during their review and I consent to this. I also allow EBF to discuss, negotiate and source finance quotes and approvals using this information.

If you wish your spouse/partner or any other person to speak or correspond with us on your behalf, please complete the details below:

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