Transport and Logistic Business Loans

With record levels of investment being made in UK roads, rail, ports and airports, there is great opportunity for UK SME’s to grow and expand their business, particularly with the recent rise of E-commerce sales. When businesses are looking to develop, your company plays a significant role in bringing people and products together. Transport and Logistic Business Loans are used to help businesses succeed and devise plans for expansion in the future.

Whether it be maintaining your vehicles, purchasing new vehicles, supply chain management software or paying more salaries, Elite Business Funding can provide the working capital your business requires in a professional and efficient manner.

What Can Transport and Logistic Business Loans Be Used For?

When applying for a transport or logistic business loan, it’s important to understand not only what it can be used for, but also the benefits it can offer for your business. Below is a list of advances that can be made when applying for a loan with Elite Business Funding:

  • Upgrade or grow your transportation fleet – this can be relatively expensive and can prove testing without securing sufficient funds.
  • Purchase new equipment to improve your service or increase production – this will enable progression as you’re keeping up to date with the latest trends within the transport and logistics industry.
  • Bring your cashflow in line with your current sales ledger and raise cash against your existing invoices.
  • Hire new employees and pay for staff development and training – by hiring new staff, you’re allowing your business to grow further.
  • Pay for unexpected costs – inevitable, however very frustrating and can be concerning for many businesses.

What is Working Capital?

Working capital is the amount of revenue a business receives or utilises within its day-to-day operations. Many businesses may perceive this as a hindrance and therefore require external

Business Sectors Which May Benefit from Transport and Logistic Loans

At Elite Business Funding, we have provided businesses with transport and logistic business funding – some of the main which include:

  • Aviation companies
  • Bus and coach transport firms
  • Rail
  • Freight transportation businesses
  • Maritime and port operators
  • Courier companies
  • Warehouse storage and handling

How Elite Business Funding Can Help You

Funding solutions for the transport and logistics industry can be secured by professional commercial finance brokers like us. Our client relationship managers deal with each business on an individual basis and choose the most suitable loan dependent on the size, type and financial status of the business. If you’re interested in our funding options, submit your details into our contact form and our team will get back to you ASAP.

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