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As your loan broker, Elite Business Funding will seek out a suitable lender that suits both your budget and the ever-changing needs of your business. In recent years, businesses have become very complex, and so our Relationship Managers work closely with our clients, ensuring their requirements have been considered, applied and delivered. We demand no fees up front; instead, we will work tirelessly to find the right option for you.

Only once your application is successful and your funding requirements have been fulfilled will we take our agreed commission from the lender. We develop strong long-term relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on knowing the details of our clients’ businesses, this allows us to provide the best possible service.

What are the different Business Funding options?

In the world of business funding, there are a variety of different funding options and these include: unsecured finance, secured finance, merchant cash advance, asset finances, invoice finance and start up finance. Each option has its benefits, and this may be dependent upon the type of company you are and what type of loan you’re looking for. Finding which option suits both you and your business can sometimes be the most difficult factor.

That is where our professionals and their trusted advice can benefit you. If you feel that your company is eligible for one of the finance options mentioned above, then you can enquire today, and we’ll see if you it is viable or not. If not, our specialists are here to advise you on which is the most appropriate and profitable option – we are here to help you!

The Benefits of investing in Elite Business Funding

Here at Elite Business Funding we aim to help our client’s business grow by offering our expertise in financial management and funding and as a team of independent business finance brokers, we are here to help you! For any business, when looking for funding, it can become slightly confusing – there are a variety of different companies offering business funding, but you want to find out which type would suit your business the best.

Anybody investing their time and money into a business will want to ensure that they do everything in their power to make the process simple and fast. That is why, here at Elite Business Funding, we are here to provide you with high-quality service that delivers rapid results. Our team will source you a loan within a week or two; we try our best to make the process as quick as possible for you.

As professional brokers we take charge of your financial problems with care and consideration. Not only do we handle all of your loan process from start to finish, eliminating any stress and frustration from your behalf, but we also regularly keep in contact with you – talking you through the process of how we are securing you a loan. In addition, any questions and queries you may have, we will provide you with detailed, informative answers. Contact us today if you have any questions about Elite Business Funding’s financial options.

What is the difference between a Lender and a Broker?

Understanding the difference between a Lender and a Broker can become quite complex and people confuse the two on a regular basis! Loan companies are also known as the lenders and if you didn’t choose to go through a finance broker company like us, you would work directly with the lenders themselves.

As Finance Brokers, we work between clients and the loan companies. When client’s come to us, they will provide us with all the relevant information needed to find them a suitable lender which will work to meet all the demands of your business, whether that be fitting into the budget or matching the requirements of the type of business and the industry of the business.

Are you interested in our Funding Options?

With the help from the professionals at Elite Business Funding, you can be advised on the best funding options for you. Our professionals have a wealth of knowledge which we are willing to share with you and our website contains a wide range of information which may help you choose the best funding option for you!

If you’re feeling lost by all the information, our team are available any time, day or night, so feel free to give us a call on 0203 473 3653.

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Fast turnaround times, funding can be arranged within 2 hours (typically within 24-48 Hours)

Low risk, no assets or physical security is required.

Application judged on short term trading performance, typically measurable on turnover and trading time.

Costs staring from 4% and ranging from 1 month to 5 years in term.

Minimum documentation required

High rates of approval, some adverse of bad credit accepted with some lenders.

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Loans are secured against a specific asset or property.

Competitive lowest rates of interest due to the added security being taken.

Terms can range from between 6 month up to 30 years

A great option for asset rich businesses to release equity for capital.

Improved rate of acceptance

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Highly flexible payback loan, for business’s that utilize card machines to take payments.

No fixed repayment terms or deadlines, only payback what you can afford as an agreed % of your future card sales.

A great options for businesses who’s turnover fluctuates or are seasonal.

In most cases no credit score is required, some adverse or bad credit is accepted with some lenders.

Higher approval rates and speedy turnaround times.

No assets required as this is an unsecured form of finance.

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Ideal option for businesses looking to acquire an asset or release equity from an existing asset.

Often offered with better interest rates due to the loan being secured, yet still quick turnaround times.

Ideal option for the purchase of Vehicles, machinery or plant equipment, IT equipment and more.

Specialist lenders available who are also able to offer expert advice on the asset you are looking to purchase.

Offset your monthly repayments in order to reduce your company tax liability.

Spread the cost of assets up to 6 years with fixed interest rates.

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Release cashflow that is tied up in your existing invoices before they have been paid to you.

Ideal for business’s that have monthly or longer payment terms with their suppliers.

Security is available so that you are protected from bad debts.

Eligibility based off of your debtors creditworthiness, not your business credit score.

Credit control expertise to help reduce inhouse overheads or manage yourself inhouse.

Cashflow is immediately available to you meaning you can avoid any potential late fees, on due bills and missed early repayment discounts can be avoided.

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Finance for launching a business or those within the first 2 years of trading.

Borrow up to 25k with a fixed rate of 6% PA.

Terms ranging from between 1 to 5 years

Support and assistance is available from some lenders including help with business plans and cashflow forecasts.

Can incur an upfront admin fee due to the increased level of admin work required.

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