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What is VAT / Tax Bill Finance?

VAT or Tax Bill Finance is designed to help businesses cover large or unexpected tax bills.

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Why Choose VAT / Tax Finance?

VAT/ Tax Finance can help businesses to maintain healthy levels of cashflow at all times, even when HMRC comes calling.

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How it Works:

VAT and tax finance allows you to make tax returns more manageable by spreading the costs over a rolling 3 – 12 month period.

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VAT and Tax Bill Finance at a Glance

What is VAT and Tax Finance?

A large or unexpected tax bill can sometimes cause issues to a business’ cashflow. As a result, some businesses may miss the payment deadline, which can mean late payment charges or costs.

Financing a VAT bill or tax return allows businesses to protect their working capital, whilst giving peace of mind they are able to meet their liabilities. Finance can be arranged to cover Corporation Tax, PAYE, Quarterly VAT or VAT owed on purchases, including on a property.

Why Choose to Finance Tax and VAT?

Businesses are legally obliged to pay Tax and VAT to HMRC. In recent years, HMRC has become more stringent in coming down on businesses that are late or non-paying, with enforcement actions taken on those that default on payments.

As tax is usually paid retrospectively it can be easy to mismanage finances resulting in not setting enough aside to settle your bill, or simply missing deadlines due to the manual effort required.

By taking a VAT or tax loan facility you will be able to spread the cost over an agreed period, rather than having to stump up quarterly or annually for a large lump sum. Instead, with monthly instalments, payments are made much more manageable, predictable, and automated, and all without crippling cashflow.

How Does it Work?

As a business owner you will usually submit a VAT return to HMRC every 3 months regardless of whether you have any VAT to pay or reclaim. You can choose to pay your bill once or twice per year, or, as is the most popular option, quarterly throughout the year. Corporation tax meanwhile is due once per year, paid retrospectively in either January or April, depending on your accounting year.

VAT and tax finance allows you to spread the cost of these bills over a rolling 3 – 12 month period, thus freeing up working capital for where it is needed the most, and allowing businesses to smooth any peaks and troughs in cashflow.

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