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With more than a decade of experience, our business loan brokers in Chelmsford have business loans to suit all business types. Get the commercial capital you need with terms that suit you and matches the requirements of your complex business. Whether you’re looking to raise the finance to start up a new company, purchase an existing business, or grow your own enterprise to new heights, finding a deal that suits your circumstances can be a challenging and compound task, which can seem daunting at first, but with the services we provide here at Elite Business Funding, we can ensure that your business will be taken care of with the utmost respect and detail.

Our professional and hard-working business loan brokers have access to the whole market, which means they are able to compare and review deals from a wider range of lenders, allowing us to inform all clients on the best, most effective funding option which will benefit both the individual and the business. The first step in the funding process is to submit our application form, found on our contact page. Once this has been completed, a member of our team will present you with a range of financing offers, which you and your business can choose from and which can be best-suited to the requirement of your business.

Start business loan advisors Chelmsford

Elite Business Funding employ highly-skilled and qualified start business loan advisors in Essex, who are here to demystify the application process and use their large network of industry contacts to source the best possible arrangements for business owners with big plans. Our specialist financial brokers have over a decade of experience in the business loans UK market which can help us facilitate your funding options, allowing us to find a profitable solution that further advances your company, increases cash flow and amplifies overall revenue.

What to expect when you apply for a start up business loan?

When applying for a start up business loan with Elite Business Funding you’ll be able to benefit from full assistance with your business plan and cashflow forecasts, as well as support with the organisation of your incoming capital. Gain access to exclusive offers that will assist you in your start up and receive free business mentoring and advice services once you complete your application form with us.

We also offer continued support for not only business advances, but other finance options that can benefit you and your business. Throughout each stage of your growth, we will present you with various products that will match your exacts requirements that will help with your business expansion. In addition, with one of our start up business loans you can borrow up to 25k at a fixed rate of 6% interest per annum which will facilitate the development of your organisation.

Securing start up business loans

There are several options for start-up loans, and many of them also include practical expert advice along with professional mentoring. At Elite Business Funding we work alongside a government funded scheme to provide new business start-ups with comprehensive support as your business take its first steps onto the corporate ladder. Our role is to help you efficiently and successfully manage your finances, whilst securing the most profitable, long-term funding option that best suits your business.

Checking your eligibility is essential during the business funding process, however trying to acquire a start up business loan can prove challenging without access to the right contacts. That is why, here at Elite Business Funding, our trusted and highly-qualified team will assess your viability on the basis that your company’s circumstances suit the compulsory criteria required. Once you have completed your application, we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your funding options in further detail.

Business loan criteria

Before applying for funding with Elite Business Funding, we advise all clients to inform yourself and business partners about our general criteria, as this can be the starting point for companies looking for funding. The first step in applying for an advance is to ensure you are over 18 years old and a resident living in the United Kingdom. If you wish to apply for a start-up business loan, your company must have been operating for less than 2 years and you need to have a completed business plan, which we are able to assist all clients on.

How Elite Business Funding can help you

You may have been searching for a finance broking company for a while now but can’t quite find a business who matches up with your diverse criteria. With Elite Business Funding, we can guarantee that the service we provide will not disappoint, with a multitude of experience within the broking industry, we obtain a wealth of knowledge about all different types of business loans and can inform you on the best direction to follow for your company.

If you require more information regarding business loans, we can arrange to offer you a free, no obligation consultation, which will outline all aspects within your business which can improve our knowledge and understanding of what you would like to achieve by investing in our business. Within this assessment, if we begin to realise that you’re ineligible, we have the expertise to offer you other viable funding options for your company.

Our start-up business loan advisors Essex are always available if you have any queries that you need answering regarding your finance. Contact us in Essex today for detailed and informative advice and recommendations that are entirely tailored to your company’s requirements within the finance industry.

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